Purr-sitive Support: Best ESA Cat Breeds

When people think of emotional support animals, cats aren’t always their first option. They come off as cold and a little hostile. But in reality, they’re very loving, loyal, and make great ESAs. Plenty of owners have expressed how their felines are amazing companions and how much they’ve helped them cope with their condition.

All cats are suitable to be ESAs. But, there are certain breeds that are more ideal as support animals because of their temperament. Here are 4 of them:


They have diverse personalities and can be quite vocal and demanding. But, they’re ranked as one of the most loving and loyal breeds. Their playful and high energy earned them the title of “dogs of the cat world.”They like going out for walks and getting involved in fun games like fetch.

But, because of their social nature, you can’t really leave them alone for a long time. This makes a Siamese cat the perfect ESA for you if you’re looking for a constant but soothing companion.

American Short hair

They’re a family favorite and ranks as one of the most popular and well-loved breeds. They’re known to have a good disposition, even temperament, and above-average intelligence. Their calm nature gives them the ability to get along very well with other pets, and their gentleness is perfect for households with children. These traits make them a classic choice for an ESA.


This breed has always been a classic favorite because of its distinctly unique but beautiful face. They have a rich coat that needs a lot of grooming, but owners are usually more than willing to maintain them. They’re friendly and meek yet still expressive. Although they’re a bit shy and reserved at the beginning, they become very affectionate and loving once they get used to people.

Persian cats aren’t very hyper and usually prefer a calm lifestyle. They don’t require a lot of exercise as well, which makes them an ideal ESA if you live in a small space like an apartment.


Bengals are famous for looking like a small cat that came right out of the wild. But, despite their origins, they’re highly social and require a lot of attention to keep them occupied. They go well with owners who want to show plenty of love to their furry pal. Similarly, they’re also very affectionate and caring to their handler.

But, the most defining traits of Bengals are their high intelligence and active nature. They’re even known to be okay with swimming, which is something that not a lot of cats are comfortable with. So, if you’re looking for an ESA that you can take for a hike and fun adventures, this breed is perfect for you.

Whatever breed you choose, what matters is the relationship you build with your feline pal, and how they can help you cope with your condition. If you’re interested in any of these lovely cats as your constant companion, make sure to get an emotional support animal certification for them.

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