Different Features of Fixed Dentures and Removable Dentures

When the dentist advises to get dentures to replace your multiple missing teeth, you may be confused about the kind of dentures to opt for. The most applicable kinds are fixed dentures and removable dentures. However, there are many deciding factors that must be considered while choosing the right kind of denture implant for protecting your oral health.

General info about removable dentures:

As the term suggests they can be removed whenever its wearer prefers. The customized teeth are held by gum colored mold that can be attached over the top of the natural gum. However, the need to use denture adhesive to dentures fixing point is done before they are fixed. Elderly people usually prefer it as they limit the discomfort when they have the dentures fixed in mouth.


  • They can be removed easily.
  • Cleaned with ease.
  • Avoids formation of gum related diseases.
  • They are adjustable.
  • Cheaper to implant them in the dental clinic.


  • There are chances of bone loss.
  • There are chances of experiencing difficulty while chewing hard food stuff.
  • There are chances the dentures may rub against gum and the surrounding tissues.
  • Won’t remain stable at one place, thus you may feel quite uncomfortable while chewing food, talking or while laughing. Yes, it is quite embarrassing when it moves when you are with others.
  • Often need to be replaced with new dentures as they are fragile.

Few details about Fixed Dentures:

The dentures are fixed to the gum tissue by implant technology that helps dentures to remain fixed just like natural tooth. A titanium metal customised to hold the artificial tooth is fixed in the jaw bone initially before the tooth is fixed over it.


  • They don’t move, hold strong and lasts long.
  • They provide strength to jaw bones preventing them in deteriorating due to old age.
  • You can enjoy any kind of food even if it is hard in texture.
  • No rashes on gums as they don’t rub on it.
  • They can be cleaned like you do regularly, hence no added efforts to remove and clean.
  • May seem costlier than removable dentures however life span is more and you don’t have to visit your dentist often.
  • You don’t have to worry about it getting loose while talking or when you are eating food. Thus no chances of being stressed while talking or laughing and moreover you regain your confidence.


  • Implant failure can cause inflammation and other oral issues.
  • Little costlier compared to removable dentures.

The decision to get the best is usually done on basis of the number of teeth missing and the bone density and tissues available to do the implantation successfully. Fixed dentures need to be checked by certified dentist every six months to clean and to prevent any oral issues. To know in detail about dental implant dentures log on to the website of the famous dentist of Texas - thepasadenatexasdentist.com. Their valuable suggestions will help you know the best dentures suitable to solve your dental issues.

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