Important Things Every Blogger Should Know When Using Google AdWords

Looking at the amazing results of Google AdWords, you can be tempting to implement this technology in your business. It is a remarkable strategy to popularize as well as monetize your website. However, before you spend your money on this technology, it is essential to get in-depth information about it.

There are several unnoticed tools used as a part of this marketing strategy that should be properly leveraged to get the desired outcome. Here, we are showing a few vital policies that every content marketer or blogger should know.


It is a policy that doesn’t permit the marketing of blogs that have been designed for displaying ads. This policy favors Google’s favor for original, enriching, and unique articles. Blogs that focus on below types come under this policy:

  • websites that are designed majorly for ads
  • websites that showcase interstitial ads
  • websites that have scraped content
  • pre-generated content
  • auto-generated content
  • websites that involve deceitful navigation and harmful ads

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Bridge Page

Adwords do not support those webpages that have Bridge Pages. These pages are also referred to as doorway pages. In these pages, landing pages automatically links to a fully different website.

Many websites that use affiliate marketing, but are not Adwords compliant, are seen to have such pages. Such pages offer the visitor with marginal content and are responsible to redirect traffic.

Information harvesting

These are websites that aim to collect personal information from people who visit them. Such websites entice users by offering them gifts and in return ask for their personal information.

The type of information they collect from users are their bank account number, debit and credit card number, etc. Such an exchange of information takes place over unprotected connections.

According to Google Adwords Information Harvesting policy, any website that harvests information has to transmit the following information over secured servers.

  • credit and debit card numbers
  • bank account number
  • investment account number
  • wire transfer number
  • social security number
  • pension number
  • national identity number
  • health care number
  • tax id number

Tips for bloggers to follow Google Adwords policies

Below are some of the best practices that every website should practice in their business

  • Use better keywords to rank competitively higher on the search engine results page. it is a good practice to use Google Adwords keyword planner to find low competition keywords.
  • Have the right density of keywords. It helps in determining the relevancy of the post and improves website traffic.
  • Publish new website content regularly
  • Choose the right format. Use banners for top section of the post and squares for its sides.


Google Adwords has several effective content promotion strategies integrated into it. It can get you ahead of your competitors. In addition to this technique, you should make efforts to produce sharable, linkable, and likable assets. With all these practices, Google Adwords work as a relevant tool for every blogger.

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