Know the Biggest Waxing Myths Debunked - Before Booking Your Waxing Session

Summer season is on the way, which means many people will are prepared to expose their skin. With waxing, you can remove unwanted hair on your underarms, bikini line, and legs. Even though waxing is one of the effective and safe treatments for hair removal, there are few myths that you need to know to make your waxing experience easy.

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Most Common waxing myths

Waxing hurts more - One of the common misconceptions is waxing is very painful, but it is not true. During waxing, gel or cream will be applied, which sticks to the hair and is removed by pulling hair from the follicles. This process will be painful, but it varies based on the area, and person. You can minimize the pain by following a few before and after tips.

Hairs must be long - Obviously no! Long hair will break down leaving hair follicles while it is difficult to pluck shorter hair. So, the ideal hair length for waxing is from 4mm to 2 cm. If the hair is too long you can even talk to the waxing person to trim it.

Waxing will leave wrinkles - Few people think that waxing may stretch the skin as well as cause wrinkles. The main reason for causing fine lines is exposure to harmful elements constantly. To keep your skin healthy, you must drink a good amount of water. Also, make use of sunscreen to maintain skin elasticity.

A pregnant woman can’t undergo waxing - The truth is, waxing doesn’t cause harm to pregnant woman, but the skin becomes more sensitive due to hormonal changes and causes more pain. You can even talk to your doctor before booking your waxing session.

Avoid wax on the top of eyebrows - The eyebrow shape is defined by its top, which reflects natural beauty. Actually, there is no problem with removing or manipulating the upper-brow hair. In case, you like to achieve a unique style, you must get it done by a professional.

Waxing will stop ingrown hair - Waxing prevents irritation, not ingrown hair. This may occur with all kinds of hair removing techniques.

Lip hair re-grow thicker and faster - This is the most common myth we often hear when it comes to waxing. Hair-growing genetics will not change with hair removal techniques. In case, waxing reduces re-growth or finer hair, then it is a good achievement.

Tweeze ingrown hair before waxing session - A professional will not recommend picking ingrown hair. Plucking ingrown hair may cause infection as it is trapped on the surface of the skin.

With waxing, hair on every area not only grow finer and thinner, but also becomes smooth as well. To get silky soft, hair-free skin, and to enhance the beauty of your skin and choose the best hair salon, it offers high-quality services and book your appointment today.

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