Do You Know Why A New Toilet Smells Bad?

Often you may find that after renovating your bathroom and installing a new toilet pot, still you are getting raw smell of old toilet. This can be very annoying for you and your family too. You must immediately call the bathroom installer and ask him to eliminate issues that are related to such sewer smell.

Often due to improper installation of the new toilet pot or any failing components, it will leak and sewer gases and other wastewater may escape and produce such smells. Therefore, you have to call your plumber Sydney to fix it immediately.

However, do you know why such thing happens? Let us try to understand few basics about the toilet plumbing.

Usually, toilets are connected to any branch of the main sewer line with the help of a fixture that is called closet flange. This closet flange is generally located on your floor. It will be connected to the inlet of the sewer.

Inlet pipe will usually be buried under the floor. Closet flange has 2 slots on its each side. With these slots, flange bolts will be held in its place. Your toilet base will fit onto these flange bolts, which will be secured in place by using nuts.

By using connection between drain outlets of your toilet with the flange, you can keep it watertight by using one special wax ring which sits between these two connections.

Following are few reasons why your toilet may smell.

    1. Lack of wax ring

Your toilet may appear to be properly fitted in its place, but if its wax ring was not in its place, then it can leak sewer gases.

Wax ring is one important component that you can always buy from your nearby local plumbing hardware store. You will have to remove the toilet for installing the ring.

  • Turn off your water supply to toilet.
  • Drain out your toilet tank and also bowl.
  • Remove your toilet tank and try to loosen the nuts that is holding bowl in its position.
  • Push new wax ring in its position.

    2. Damaged wax ring

In case, your wax ring of toilet is not properly installed or damaged, then it will allow to get sewer gases leaked. Often any inexperienced plumbers may find it too challenging to install wax ting.

If any apprentice had installed wax ring of the toilet, then quite possibly he must have installed in the wrong way. There can be any reason, but the damaged wax ring need to be replaced.

Just remove the toilet and also remove damaged ring. Then replace it with new wax ring. Secure toilet in its place.

    3. Improper sealing of toilet base

Often improper sealing of the toilet base can also cause leaking of gas. You can always keep away these sewer gases by using silicone caulk in sufficient amounts around your toilet seat.

This silicone caulk can ensure no leakage of sewer gas after the installation. Make sure that caulk that you apply is waterproof type, so that it can hold up in wet toilet environment.

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