Detail Information About the Different Styles of Roller Shutter

Roller shutters offer aesthetics, security from intruders, and safety from severe weather. Therefore, they have increased in popularity. Rolling shutters are designed from hi-quality heavy steel strips that are interlocked and hinged to offer maximum strength. Tested coil springs are used to fix the shutters for smooth operation.

At All District Roller Shutters, you can get shutters of different types. Let’s get to know the rolling shutter types based on uses, material, and working mechanisms.

Rolling shutters based on uses

  • Grill rolling shutter - Round bars of aluminum or steel alloy 8mm in diameter is used to design the grill. It is used in spots that need visibility, ventilation, as well as safety and protection. For example, transformer rooms, commercial shops, power generator rooms, etc. Grill rolling shutter is sturdy and corrosion-resistant.
  • Industrial rolling shutter - Metal, steel, and aluminum material are used to design the industrial rolling shutter. The environment in industrial space is harsh, so the shutters are designed accordingly. Moreover, the shutter door is large enough sufficient for big openings.

Rolling shutters based on material

  • M.S. Rolling shutter - Hi-quality steel rods are used to fabricate M.S. Rolling shutters. Grills are integrated with panels to get visibility or ventilation. It is corrosion and weather resistant. To avoid the free fall of shutters, a special anti-drop device or electromagnetic brake is used.
  • Aluminum rolling shutter - Super grade aluminum is used to fabricate the shutter. You can choose between single or double-wall insulation. The shutters are corrosion-free, light-weight, and offer good aesthetics. Besides, aluminum rolling shutters are strong, operate noise-free and need less maintenance.
  • Transparent rolling shutter - When shutters get lowered visibility is attained via polycarbonate shutters. The shutter comes with a significant price tag but is also very durable, secure, and lightweight option. However, it is a great option in residential places to overlook your garden.

Rolling shutters based on the working mechanism

  • Automatic rolling shutter - It encompasses a gearbox and electric motor. The shutter can be designed from aluminum, M.S., S.S., and galvanized steel. The device for closing & opening is hassle-free. A great option for different showroom areas in a commercial establishment or even as garage doors. In case of power failure, you can operate it manually. Its advantages are easy maintenance and extremely durable.
  • Push & pull rolling shutter - In opening less than 10-meter square, shutters can be manually operated. The door can be pushed up and pulled down with your hands easily. Push & pull rolling shutters are cost-effective alternative and the major maintenance cost associated is oiling.
  • Mechanical gear type - When the opening is more than a 10-meter square then uses mechanical gear to operate the shutter. It includes a connecting rod, reduction gear, and pulley blockchain or winding handle to operate. The shutter is long-lasting and can be maintained with ease.

Modern roller shutter includes multiple add-ons, which make using and maintaining them easy. If you are still in doubt about the kind of ideal roller shutter for your setting then visit to get more information.

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