What to Do and What Not to Do in Your First Driving Lesson?

You will be quite thrilled to attain your first driving lesson. However, when you are behind the wheels for the first time, stress slowly clogs your mind and body. In midst of your joggled mind set, there are higher chances of you making mistakes that sometimes result in messy mishap.

No need to be disappointed as here are certain guidelines that will help you know dos and don’ts while starting as a learning driver.

The dos:

  • While you enrol for your first driving on road class, it will be helpful to know more about the basic techniques used to drive your chosen vehicle. You get to visualise the expert driving techniques by watching videos and reading blogs posted by skilled driving instructors. This helps in getting familiarised with the devices used while driving on road. Yes, you guessed right! Getting familiar helps in wading away unwanted stress while starting the vehicle and driving on road.
  • Know your driving instructor well - Sitting with a stranger may be a hindrance to drive confidently. Introduce yourself to your trainer and have few minutes talk with them to help in knocking out any fear of being rebuked by the instructor while driving. It is stated fact that novice drivers do make mistakes as they are more stressed while driving in on road classes. Moreover, developing easy communication with your instructor will help to clear your doubts as well.
  • Learn to drive similar model of car that you intend to drive personally. That helps to get familiar with all the driving tools and while driving your own vehicle helps to move on without any worries of going wrong. Really, it is hard to drive a different vehicle model that you haven’t experienced in driving classes.
  • Theory tests are quite important to know the safety rules, traffic laws and to pass the test for a professional driving license. There are practise tests available online. Thus, make sure to solve them and revise well before the date of your theory exams. The more you gain knowledge about driving, more expertise driver you will be in future.
  • While having lessons wear comfortable dress and footwear. The footwear needs to be favourable to touch the pedals under your feet. Plain flat soles shoes will be the best choice.
  • Be sure to get good rest before reaching your driving school. You need to always remember that tired and stressed body will never help you to be a skilled driver.

The don’ts:

  • Don’t be in a hurry. Calm yourself before you start your drive on the road class.
  • Not to worry about mistakes. Thus, it is best to focus on your driving and try to learn from the mistakes.
  • Don’t attend classes without your glasses and with empty stomach. You will need glasses to read the instructions and traffic signals on the road. With empty stomach, you will not be able to complete the whole session of driving as it may take few hours.

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