Location, Web Presence, and Pick-up Options Fill Your Store

Your brick and mortar store needs to have people coming in to justify the cost of rent, utilities, and staff. A clean store marked with a feather flag or two is part of the solution to an empty store. Harnessing the power of your social media and Internet presence is another part. Pick-up options that include coming down to the store to get the item can also help bring people in. You may need to get creative, but it starts with these basic ideas and grows from there.

Your Social Media

You should be leaning heavily on your social media and website to bring customers into your shop or get them ordering online. One method to activate your online community is to offer in-store discounts to your followers. They can get the products they love from you in person, which will help you to create an experience and gain their loyalty.

Your Location

Your physical location should be the strongest component of bringing people into your store. It starts with the outside of the building. Even if it’s not your property, you want the paint to look fresh and the storefront to look clean. You also want it to look inviting. A couple of plants outside are a good start, a bike rack is also a positive. Teardrop feather flags or other signs that emphasize what’s inside your store and show that you’re open. A good sandwich board and window display can add to the allure for people to come to your store. You want people driving and walking by to come in as well as those you’ve reached through other means.

Your Purchase and Pick-up Options

If you have different options for purchase and pick-up, you can bring more people into your store. Offer click and pick-up for people to get their purchase online, but pick up the item at your store. The discount they get will be on shipping or delivery of the item, and they can get it at their convenience. Chances are when they come to get their purchase, they’ll also buy something else.

The Right Combination

What works for you may be different than what works for others. The important part is to find the right combination of service, location markers like a feather flag, and online offers to bring people back for more. You’ll need to run experiments and talk to other entrepreneurs to get more ideas.

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