3 Ways to Know It’s Time to Stop Swaddling

The primary reason why babies are swaddled is to keep them feeling safe and secure. Without swaddling, the baby might flail their arms and legs around, which can trigger the startle reflex. This keeps the baby warm until their internal thermostat starts to work, helping them sleep and be more comfortable. While you know that you need to swaddle, when do you stop swaddling? Here are some signs that it’s time to stop swaddling your baby.

When Your Baby Can Roll Over

Swaddling a baby can make them feel safe but can be dangerous once they are able to roll over on their own. This can happen as early as two months of age but is more likely to happen at around four months. When your baby is able to roll over, this is both a sign that they are ready to stop swaddling, and you need to stop for their safety since they could roll on to their stomach and be unable to roll back.

Baby Is Ready to Sleep Train

At some point, your baby will be ready to begin training to sleep on their own. This is an important step for both the baby and the parent, as you’ll need to leave them alone. This could result in the child crying for several nights as they won’t feel as safe and comfortable as when you are around them. However, this is an important step in their development. When the time has come for your child to start sleep training, you’ll know that it’s time to stop swaddling them if you haven’t already.

Frustration with Swaddling

When a baby is very young, they’ll enjoy being swaddled. This will make them feel safe and secure, so they won’t attempt to get out of it. At some point, they’ll stop feeling secure and feel as though they are being constricted. At this point, they’ve gotten old enough that they don’t need to be swaddled anymore. When a baby begins getting frustrated and showing a strong dislike for the swaddle, it’s time to stop swaddling them and likely time to start the sleep training process.

Swaddling a baby is essential when they’re young, both for their comfort and their safety. But at some point, the swaddling has to stop, and sleep training needs to start. So, when do you stop swaddling? These tips will help you determine when it’s time to stop swaddling your baby.

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