3 Common Septic Tank Problems

Septic tanks are subject to wear and tear, and they get damaged because of old age or neglectful practices. Luckily, all of their components can be repaired or replaced as long as homeowners notice that there’s a problem with the system. Here are 3 common issues and their solution and prevention.


Blockages occur because of various factors, such as excess solid waste. If there’s sewage backup in the toilet, sink, or shower, chances are there’s a clog. While it’s easy to clear using plumbing equipment, it gets tricky when the problem is caused by tree roots entering the drainage pipes. To guarantee one’ssafety, it’s best to ask help from a company offering a residential septic tank service.

Meanwhile, homeowners can avoid this problem by regularly maintaining their septic system. The frequency depends on different aspects, like water usage and the number of people living in the household. A professional contractor will know how often the tank should be pumped.

Excessive Water

This issue occurs when the tank is filled up with water faster than it can handle.Flushing items like diapers can also cause this problem since they’ll block passageways for H2O, which leads to an overflow. Plus, it results in liquid backing up in drains. Once homeowners notice this, they should contact a plumber to pump the septic system.

Residential septic systems typically handle up to 120 gallons of liquid per bedroom each day. To prevent this issue, it’s best to know the capacity of one’s tank and plan water usage accordingly. Taking short showers and installing low-flow toilets are also recommended.

Collapsed Baffle

A baffle is a barrier within the tank that stops solid materials from getting into the soakaway system. When it collapses, wastewater from toilets and sinks will back up inside the house. Unfortunately, this component is difficult to repair, and replacing it altogether is often recommended. Homeowners who are faced with this dilemma will benefit from having a professional decide on the appropriate measures to take.

To ensure that the baffle won’t collapse again, owners should have it inspected by an expert every time the tank is pumped out, especially if it’s made of concrete. There are also effluent filters that can be installed to keep large wastes from passing downstream.

If you’re having these problems, look for a company that offers residential septic service in Conroe TX. Trusted contractors are experts in looking for and fixing damaged components, so they can guarantee that your system will function efficiently again.

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