Michael B. Decter

president & CEO of LDIC 

Mr. Decter is a Harvard trained economist, Manager and President & CEO of LDIC Inc.  He is also the author of three financial books including Michael Decter’s Million Dollar Strategy (1998), and The DRIP Strategy: Building your Wealth one share at a time
with Dividend Reinvestment plans (2001) and Ten Good Reasons To Invest in Canada (2008).

LDIC Inc. provides financial services to high net worth individuals and currently has nearly $500 million assets under management. Mr. Decter’s primary focus is value investing. 

As the former Deputy Minister of Health for Ontario and Cabinet Secretary in the Government of Manitoba, Mr. Decter is a well-recognized speaker on broader political and economic issues. He was the founding former Chair of the Health Council of
Canada, former Chair of Cancer Quality Council of Ontario, The Walrus Foundation and the Saint Elizabeth Healthcare.

In 2004, Michael was awarded the Order of Canada.On March 19, 2013, Michael was named Chancellor of Brandon University. He also serves as Chair of Medavie Inc. and Trustee of the Auto Sector Health Care Trust.