Gary Rubinoff

Managing partner of summerhill  venture partners 

Gary, based in Boston, has been a venture capital investor for more than 20 years over the course of many funds and economic cycles. Gary founded Summerhill Venture Partners, a venture capital firm based in Boston and Toronto. The fund was awarded $15 million in 2013 by the Federal Government of Canada, chosen as the best performing VC Fund in Canada. Gary is responsible for a number of successful investments over his career and is well-known in the entrepreneurial community as one of the top performing VC’s. Prior to entering venture capital, Gary was an attorney, and thereafter, ran Scholz Research & Development, a technology company in Boston. Thereafter, Gary worked in investment banking before he started as a venture capitalist at Jefferson Partners in 1997. Gary ran the venture fund for Bell Mobility, and in 2007 spun it out as an independent fund named Summerhill Venture Partners, which was ranked in (YEAR)the top quartile in Total Value to Paid in Capital Distribution to Paid in Capital and IRR for its vintage year (2004). Summerhill’s exit of Radian6 in May 2011 returned over 22x on invested capital, won the Canadian Venture Capital Association 2011 Venture Capital Deal of the Year and represented the highest grossing venture backed deal in the Canadian internet, communications and technology space since 2004. In 2014, Gary raised capital from family offices and created The WIN Fund, which is now fully invested. Gary sits on several company Boards of Directors and is very active in the venture community. Some of Gary’s past investments, made directly or as part of a team include Radian 6 (acquired by Salesforce, NYSE: CRM), Jumptap (acquired by Broadbase), Intellon (acquired by Atheros, NASDAQ: ATHR), Sandbridge (acquired by Qualcomm, NASDAQ: QCOM), BridgePort (acquired by CounterPath, TSX: CCV), Service Soft (acquired by Kana Software, NASDAQ: KANA), Isolation Systems (acquired by Shiva/Intel, NASDAQ: INTC), I-star Internet (acquired by PSI Net), and Wescam Inc. (TSE IPO: WSC).