Dave Hendricks

CEO & Co-founder of Vertalo

Dave Hendricks is the CEO and Co-Founder of Vertalo, an incubator for Future of Work and corroborated social identify-focused blockchain initiatives.

SeriesX’s first application, Vertalo, creates opportunities for organizations and individuals using consensus functions of the blockchain to record and report truth around employment, education and other key relationships, to the mutual benefit of all parties. In its first iteration, Vertalo allows the job seeker to be portable and own a verified identity and for the company to begin eliminating hiring bias as they look at a more holistic sense of organizational behavior.

In 2000, Dave joined his co-founder, William Baxter, in pionering web-based data-driven email marketing at Experian CheetahMail. In 2003, Dave began exploring the power of MD5 hashing and leveraging it in identity verification. Early exposure to primitive crypto, in addition to his extensive experiences with people-based marketing, data compilation, recruiting and lead generation evolved into an focused interest in blockchain-enabled employment attestation and verification.

After a series of Stints running data compilation and monetization businesses at InfoGroup (IUSA) and Datran Media, Dave joined SeriesX Advisor, Matt Keiser, as the co-founding CFO/COO of LiveIntent, where he helped take the identity marketing company from pre-revenue pivot to $100 million in annual revenue in only seven years. This work earned Dave the title of one of Business Insider's New York’s top technology innovators.